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The WWF Nedbank Green Trust
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Most people want to make a difference, want to impact the world around them for good but often feel overwhelmed or are not sure where to begin. The WWF Nedbank Green Trust makes it easy for you to give back to the environment and the people around you by linking your conservation efforts to a bank account through Nedbank.

What is the issue?

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For many decades conservation was seen as a luxury rather than an essential communal priority. This is because conservation was most often considered to be about wildlife and its habitat. For a long time conservation was not acknowledged as a crucial aspect in ensuring that nature thrived and was healthy so that it can continue to provide us with clean air, fresh water and food – natural resources that are vital for farmers, fishers and other industries to be able to function.
Too often we think of the modern city outputs of businesses and banking as being separate from nature. But it is the very interconnection of well-functioning natural systems that are so important to ensure the long-term survival of the planet and its people, who are essential to the success of every business. This is why it is in the best interest of both businesses and banks to care for the environment.

What are we doing?

The WWF Nedbank Green Trust funds innovative projects to help solve some of the greatest socio-environmental challenges in South Africa.

How do we do this?

Over the years, true to our motto of igniting new ways for people and nature to thrive, we have sought new paths of connection while finding relevant solutions. Our objective is to promote environmental conservation by preserving natural diversity, ensuring the sustainable use of renewable natural resources and promoting actions aimed at reducing pollution and the exploitation and wasteful consumption of resources.
The trust is administered by WWF South Africa and funded through Nedbank’s Green Affinity Programme. The Green Affinity is one of four options given to Nedbank clients under the Affinity Programme to support a cause of their choice without paying a cent, as Nedbank donates on their behalf. So, with each transaction clients can contribute to the environment too. The more transactions made, the more Nedbank donates to the WWF Nedbank Green Trust.

Who do we work with?

The WWF Nedbank Green Trust works with communities, who are the keepers of our natural resources, and other partners. We direct their energy and efforts so that they can be key levers of change for South Africa’s future.
Applications are subject to the specified criteria, must have the potential for great change in the community and impact on the environment, and must be able to be taken to scale.

How did it start?

The WWF Nedbank Green Trust was founded in 1990 by Nedbank and WWF South Africa. From the early days of conserving sea turtles and Kalahari lions to the more recent focus on climate change, water conservation and environmental leadership initiatives, the WWF Nedbank Green Trust has been there, providing support to environmental projects.
We recognise that the prosperity of South Africa depends on the relationships between environmental conservation entities, government, commercial organisations and the public. We have a strategy that allows us to direct projects to key focus areas and scarce resources so we can make a real difference.

What are the big wins?
  1. By its financial year-end in February 2019 the Trust had raised more than R298 million to support over 200 diverse environmental projects throughout South Africa.

  2. In 2020 the Trust celebrated 30 years of catalysing initiatives in support of the environment, from investing in South Africa’s future leaders through WWF’s environmental leaders internship programme to empowering small-scale fishers to sustain their livelihoods while carefully managing the natural resources they depend on.

Trust info

Website: greentrust.org.za
Master’s reference: IT 993/91
Public Benefit Organisation number: PBO 930014001