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Business network
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Collaboration is one of the most effective routes to finding impactful sustainable solutions to environmental and social challenges. Through our Business Network, WWF works towards developing more strategic and innovative solutions with our corporate partners. By joining the WWF Business Network, you are advancing collaboration for conservation.

What is the issue?

At a time when issues like climate change and water security pose great risk to businesses, WWF is in a unique position to enable conversations at a corporate level around these key environmental issues. 

Sustainability requires collaboration. It is only when we work together that we can truly create effective routes to finding and shaping impactful sustainable solutions to environmental and social challenges.

Without a healthy natural world, society and the economy would not survive. Without nature’s supply of fresh water, quality soil, food bearing plants and more, businesses would not be in business. 

What are we doing?

By growing our Business Network we are working with South African corporates to lay the foundation for environmentally and socially responsible business. This co-created platform allows us to facilitate strategic discussion and sharing of ideas and innovations.

How do we do this?

Through awareness campaigns, education, and engagement, the WWF Business Network gives business the tools needed in order to drive sustainable, environmentally-friendly business practices, and to do so better, together.

​Who do we work with?

WWF has a strong track record of working with the top fortune 500 companies and the smaller game changing interrupters all aspiring to:

  • Promote better production and responsible sourcing of raw materials that otherwise drive deforestation or unsustainable use of water;
  • Encourage a switch to 100 per cent renewable energy and away from fossil fuels;
  • Engage jointly on public policy;
  • Support the equitable sharing of natural resources;
  • Redirect financial flows to support conservation and sustainable ecosystem management;
  • Raise awareness of the need to consume more wisely; and
  • Protect some of the world’s most ecologically important places
How did it start?

Our Business Network started from a place where companies simply wanted to support our conservation work and has grown to incorporate so much more – helping to shape the private sector to best operate and flourish within the natural thresholds of one planet, while maintaining and enhancing social resilience and economic development.

What are the big wins?
  • We currently have 55 Business Network members.