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How to shine your light this Earth Hour

We've put together a list of things you can do at home or online this Earth Hour to support our planet.

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Shine your light this Earth Hour.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, WWF South Africa has recommended that all individuals participate in Earth Hour virtually this year, for public health and safety.

But out of darkness comes light. Just because you're staying at home, that doesn't mean you can’t have a memorable on-the-night experience! 

Take a look at our helpful list of ways to shine your light for Earth Hour.

Only have a minute?

  • Shine your light on social media this Earth Hour, with a message or a photo or a video that shows how you connect to nature and how nature inspires you for the future. 

  • Let nature keep our lights on, by adding your voice to the call for the government to switch to renewable energy now - for the future of our children, country and planet.

​Five minutes or more

  • Learn from Sir David Attenborough as he explains humanity’s biggest challenge yet and how we can overcome it. Watch now.

  • Next, Greta Thunberg introduces one of our biggest allies against climate change. Watch now.

  • Want to learn more about how clean energy can renew our future? Take our renewable quiz

  • Write a letter to your future eco-warrior self. Do you wish to limit your water wastage or purchase eco-friendly goods more often? Why not put all of your sustainability goals into a letter for your future self! It’s a fun way to hold yourself accountable while at the same time do your part in helping our planet!

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Spend some quality time with the family during trying times.
Feeling hungry?

  • Get some candles ready and whip up healthy and delicious meals that will make your tastebuds tingle! Don't know where to start? Check out our SASSI recipes for a healthier planet and a healthier you!

  • Got a sweet tooth? No problem. Spend your time decorating yummy cupcakes with the Earth Hour theme in mind.

​Netflix and chill

  • Get the popcorn ready and enjoy your most treasured Disney movies or take on those Harry Potter marathons that you've been always wanting to do. You can even watch some spectacular Emmy Award-winning documentaries like Our Planet on Netflix to experience our natural world in all its glory.

  • Catch our Down2Earth episodes featuring YFM presenter and WWF ambassador Da Kruk talking to WWF's experts on plastic in the ocean, water, transport, sustainable seafood, waste and land stewardship.

Get moving

  • Need some inspiration? Check out our Earth Hour Tik Tok channel.

  • Grab a pair of headphones and groove to your own favorite music! Take it up a notch by battling it out with your family and friends in a silent disco and claim dance floor supremacy.

  • Check out virtual yoga classes that start with basic beginner’s yoga poses and expand your skills as you go on. Further connect to nature and create a zen-like experience by meditating to some nature sounds, or trying some animal-inspired yoga poses!

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Now is the best time to reconnect.
Bond with your family

  • Stay in touch with nature and adventure by camping outdoors. We challenge you to turn your back garden or living room into your very own camping space! Don’t have an actual tent? Why not make one with bedsheets, pillows, and other household items?

  • Who says you can’t do good while looking good at the same time? Unleash your creative side by making your own costume from recyclable materials.

  • Challenge each other in a game of Head's Up. You can create your own deck of nature or wildlife-related word cards. Have a guesser hold up the cards on their forehead while the rest act out the word.

Entertain the little ones

  • Want to entertain your young ones? Switch off all the lights and put up a shadow puppet play! Cut out different shapes of animals, set up a stage using cloth and light and let the shadows come to life!

  • Try out our WWF-SASSI playing cards! and educational and fun way to learn about fish.

  • Get in touch with your wild side, make an animal mask with this fun art and craft project.

Don't forget

Be sure to share your Earth Hour experience with us using the hashtag #EarthHour and #Connect2Earth! Also tag us on Instagram, on Facebook and on Twitter so we can easily share your posts and stories.

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Natasha Jones, Communications Manager: Brand and Campaigns

The quality of life for the children of 2050 depends on the decisions we make today. That's why I work for WWF - to secure a future for my kids and coming generations.

Renew the future

Let nature keep the lights on this Earth Hour.