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Guiding your path through the #GreenHolidays

Our essential traveller’s guide is a must-have if you’re planning a great holiday that’s good for nature and good for you. Be sure to use our top tips as you navigate the festive season and South Africa’s natural wonders.

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Having a plan of how you want your #GreenHolidays to go means you're set for success.
​Plan for success

It’s a good idea to plan ahead, allowing enough time to think about the impact of your planned activities and accommodation choices.

  • Choose green hotels and tour operators.

  • Look at fun, sustainable activities that avoid damaging nature.

  • Avoid products made from endangered species.

Be a responsible holiday maker

There’s so much you can do to limit your environmental impacts. Remember you’re more than just a guest when you’re on holiday, so:

  • Stick to the natural trails and public footpaths.

  • Save water by taking short showers instead of a bath.

  • Avoid air-conditioners and turn off all lights and taps when you leave.

  • Don’t flush cotton buds, condoms, tampons and plastics down the toilet.

  • Recycle and reduce the plastic you use. Start with cutting out those problem plastics.

  • Going somewhere? Walk short distances and aim to use public transport to get around when possible.

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Make sure that wherever you go, you take only memories, leave only footprints.
Shopping made easy

Keep the trolley light when you hit the shops with our easy-to-use shopping guide.

  • Buy items that will last longer. Minimise buying in bulk and avoid disposable products.

  • Choose biodegradable cleaning products that have fewer negative impacts on soil and water systems.

  • Buy products with as little packaging as possible. What you really want is on the inside so don’t get bogged down by labels.

  • Say ‘yes’ to sustainable seafood by downloading the SASSI app.

  • Choose sustainably sourced wood – from garden chairs to toilet rolls, paper and envelopes – that carry the Forest Stewardship Council label.

  • Bring your own bag to reduce waste.

  • Buy recycled products to save energy and resources and reduces waste.

  • Wherever possible, buy local, seasonal produce that hasn’t crossed the globe to get to you.

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Buying local often means less packaging and less waste.
​5 ways to keep your belly full and your bin empty:

One third of all food produced in South Africa is wasted every year. Here are some smart ways to reduce your food waste during the festive season.

  • Check for the ‘best before’ date and if you won’t use it in time, give it away.

  • Store food in creative ways to ensure it is seen and eaten.

  • Prepare the right amount and freeze leftovers.

  • Go back for seconds rather than serving too much.

  • Use the whole food item from top to tail.

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Be sure to consider ecomobile options in getting around.
​Getting from A-to-B

The transport sector is one of the biggest polluters in South Africa. Rethink your private car usage and follow these alternatives for getting around. It could save your money and reduce your impact on the environment.

  • ​Car pool as much as possible.

  • Fly direct to use less fuel.

  • Take a holiday close to home – it’s cheaper and will save you time.

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Melissa du Preez, Communications officer

Melissa is all about bringing good lifestyle habits that are good For Nature. For You.

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