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Experience the thrill of a game capture operation

By making a donation to support conservation in our national parks, you could win this ultimate wildlife experience - an opportunity for two people to accompany the SANParks game capture team for a day. Here’s a visual taste of the dust, drama and adrenaline that goes on behind the scenes…

© Supplied by SANParks
Rangers constructing a game capture boma.

Setting up: Members of SANParks’ Veterinary Wildlife Services (VWS) construct a temporary boma during a game capture exercise. The unit has highly trained and experienced staff and offers research infrastructure, animal holding facilities, and the vehicles and equipment needed for the capture, translocation and management of wildlife.

© Supplied by SANParks
A helicopter herds Cape mountain zebra into a boma.

Helicopter herding: One of many game capture techniques is to use a helicopter (often supported by vehicles and people on the ground) to herd animals into a large funnel of opaque plastic sheeting, as during this capture of Cape mountain zebras. Once inside the tunnel, the animals see the plastic sheeting as a solid wall and rarely attempt to escape.

© Supplied by SANParks
Utilising specialised equipment during a buffalo capture.

Heavy duty: The highly skilled VWS unit has specialised equipment, like these slings in use during a buffalo capture exercise. SANParks uses game capture to manage wildlife species, habitat and biodiversity inside our national parks.

© Supplied by SANParks
The team secures a giraffe during a game capture operation.

Tricky customers: Different animals require different techniques as evidenced by this operation to secure a giraffe. Among the reasons for capture is to reintroduce populations into national parks and to enhance breeding projects for rare species.

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Donate a minimum of R300 today and stand a chance to win an experience of a lifetime that will see you and your partner join the SANParks field as they conduct game capture activities.

The winner will have three operations to choose from, dependent on the SANParks’ planned game capture calendar. The prize includes accommodation for two people sharing and one day's attendance of a game capture operation in a national park.

The accommodation will be for three nights (the night before the capture, night of, and night after). The prize will also allow for some flexibility in the event of bad weather, etc. The winner and partner will be required to complete an indemnity form.

Watch the action as a giraffe is captured for translocation


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