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7 ways to take part in Earth Hour without switching off

Amidst some challenging times at home and abroad, Earth Hour provides an opportunity for millions around the world to come together to stand for a brighter future for people and nature. In a time of loadshedding, how can one still take part in this meaningful event? If you have not decided yet, we’ve got a few ideas for you. All you need to do is choose what, where and when. Make sure you invite your friends and family.

Earth Hour in the dark
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Earth Hour 2022 takes place at 8h30 pm on Saturday, 26 March.

Nature provides us with so many essential benefits for our survival, including food, water and the air that we breathe. Yet, the rate of nature loss is growing at an unprecedented level. This year we’re not asking you to switch off your lights but to instead put nature in the spotlight – whether outdoors or indoors, during the day or at night – to make it an impactful and memorable Earth Hour.

1. Participate or attend a nature-inspired event

If you you’re in the Cape Town area, here’s your chance to participate in a thrilling Earth Hour scavenger hunt. The 5km adventure dash will be happening this coming Saturday (26 March) at one of our conservation champion wine farms – the scenic Plaisir de Merle Wine Farm in Simondium in the rolling foothills of the Simonsberg, close to Paarl. Gear up and get ready to navigate your way through the rich and diverse fynbos of this Conservation champion wine estate and experience nature’s splendour. Book your tickets now.

If you’re around Johannesburg, Africa Land (Pelindaba) has got you covered. Be part of their Crocodile river clean-up at 12h30, also taking place this coming Saturday. The venue is about 30 km from Fourways and Pretoria. Contact Gabriel on 074 117 0274 for more information.

Otherwise, check your local parks and other nature centres to find out what exciting activities you can do to give nature your undivided attention, at least for 60 minutes. 

Earth Hour scavenger hunt
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The Earth Hour Adventure is an opportunity for the whole family to get involved.
2. Dine and unwind under the stars

Whether it’s in your home garden, neighbourhood park or at the beach, a dinner under a night sky, twinkling stars above your head and sounds of nature all around you can make your Earth Hour occasion a memorable one. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy with your family and friends, pack your picnic basket and get ready for the night and the hour! And, if you feel like having a drink or two, be sure to choose a sustainably produced wine by our Conservation champions.

Earth Hour
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Connecting with friends, connecting with nature.
3. 60-minute meal for family and the planet

If you’re a foodie or you just love preparing or sharing heart-warming meals with your loved ones, why not challenge yourself to cook a planet-friendly storm? To make it even more special, you can have each person in your family prepare an ingredient to make up the entire meal. 
There’s a catch: Ensure that nothing goes to waste. Read this blog to learn more about the impacts of food waste on the environment. Secondly, try to cook the meal in 60 minutes (within the Earth Hour)!
Ready but not sure where to begin? Check out these sustainable seafood recipes. You can also learn more about planet-based diets here.

Earth Hour meals
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What we eat has impacts on our health and the health of the planet.
4. Compete against your last best performance – in nature!

You may agree that walking, hiking or cycling in nature can be super refreshing. And, it can even be more energising when you do it as a group. Beat your last best performance and challenge your family and friends to join you. Walk, run, hike or cycle at your local park, along the beach promenade, mountain or forest and see if you can do better than your last best performance. Get set, ready, go!
Remember to take snaps at the end! Share the pictures with your friends on social media and tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #EarthHour, #Connect2Earth and #EH2022.

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Challenging yourself can be challenging, but you will feel inspired with nature around you.
5. Go on an exploration adventure

Take your family or friends to the nearest nature reserve or rocky shores and explore the spectacular creatures and plants that “call” these conservation-worthy landscapes and seascapes home. Identify as many signs of life as possible – these could be sounds, footprints or the actual plants and animals found in these areas. Make sure to have a pen and paper or your mobile phone to record everything you come across your path. In the end, add it up and share your discoveries.

Read about the recent findings at the recently declared national park – the North Eastern Cape Grasslands near Matatiele, where scientists identified over 1130 species and 8 306 observations.

Nature reserve
© Angus Burns
WWF staff in a nature reserve in the Succulent Karoo.
6. Watch a nature-inspired movie or documentary

If you don’t feel like getting outdoors, you can still explore nature from the comfort of your home. There are plenty of movies and documentaries about the extraordinary wonders of nature. You may learn something or two and be motivated to spend more time in nature. Check out Our Planet on YouTube or find something else that is as nature-inspired.

Watching a movie
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A movie date during Earth Hour can create beautiful memories especially if it inspires one to take action to save the planet.
7. Say “YES” to climate action and a better future

Send us a video clip of yourself saying “YES to climate action”, “YES to a better future for all”, “YES to saving the planet”, or “YES to living on a cleaner planet” and send it to us via direct message on Facebook or Instagram. We may compile it with other video clips from many other supporters across South Africa to share on our social media on the night.

Better future
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Creating a better future is a fair thing to do for current and next generation.

These are only a few meaningful ways to participate in Earth Hour 2022. Save the date (26 March) and the hour (8.30pm-9.30pm), and stay in the loop by signing up for Earth Hour updates.

Dimpho Lephaila Photo
Dimpho Lephaila, Communications Officer: Environmental Progamme

Dimpho believes in the power of science communication, because it is through knowledge sharing that people can learn and possibly change their behaviour.

Shape our future this Earth Hour

Say "YES" to climate action and a cleaner and brighter future for people and nature.