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Water, what next?

Living Planet Conference 2018

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Today more than half the world’s population lives in concentrated urban centres, often far from the food and water supply they rely on. These cities have evolved over millennia to accommodate growing numbers of people and provide them with essential services. But are our cities geared up to ensure we are prepared for the environmental challenges that lie ahead?


In South Africa, all provinces have experienced some kind of water-related crisis. And while water has built our cities, it can also break them.

As our cities evolve, so do our needs to consume increasing volumes of water and to manage increasing quantities of waste and sewage. We may not realise the extent to which we are utterly dependent on nature’s ability provide.

Instead of investing back into nature as the foundation of our future water, we’re over-relying on manmade interventions. In the process, we could be pushing nature beyond the tipping point so that it is unable to self-restore and continue to meet people’s needs.

Did you know?

South Africa is the 30th driest country and receives half the world’s average annual rainfall.

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It’s clear we can no longer take nature for granted. We need to learn from our country’s extreme water situations and plan for a changing climate of hotter, drier and more intense weather patterns.

Join us at the 2018 Living Planet Conference on 25 July 2018 as we bring together water-minded experts to discuss and share solutions to our country’s urgent challenges and arising opportunities. Register below, join the conversation on social media (#LPC2018) or bookmark this page to watch the live stream on the 25th.

WWF’s annual thought leadership event provides an opportunity to engage in the search for bold and simple solutions that can be applied individually and nationally. Our line-up of speakers includes Dr John Kani – celebrated South African actor and playwright. To set the water scene, we have WWF’s own Kholosa Magudu, Christine Colvin and Samir Randera-Rees. Award-winning South African TV personality Leanne Manas will facilitate the discussions.


Let’s think differently, consume water wisely and act collectively.

Click the link below to book your space – the seats tends to fill up quickly.


The LPC is a space to explore and share solutions to South Africa’s most pressing environmental and social challenges.