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To keep you connected to nature and help lift your spirits during these unprecedented times, WWF has launched a new webinar series. Register for a webinar below or check out our archive.

Finding ways to combat water scarcity in South Africa
South Africa is one of the most water scarce countries in the world which makes the way we value and treat our water source areas all the more critical.
Sustainability trends

As the global economy recovers from the pandemic, businesses have an opportunity to rebuild in more socially and environmentally sustainable ways. 

Plastic smart journey

This is how we can move beyond plastic pollution to a circular plastics economy.

WWF & SANParks

Rekindle your love for our national parks and learn more about how these treasures are sustained and conserved.

The journey of your seafood: From boat to plate

Take a dive with us, into the journey of seafood, and see how you can play a role in protecting our oceans for generations to come.

Promoting holistic sustainability with the Kogelberg small scale fishing community

South Africa's small-scale fisheries play an important role in poverty reduction for marginalised coastal communities but this industry is not without its challenges.

The women behind SA's most ambitious sustainability strategies

To mark Women's Month, we asked women working in the environmental sector to talk about their work to achieve sustainability and equality in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Marine Protected Areas

The establishment of Marine Protected Areas is one of the most effective ways of protecting our oceans and the resources they provide. Learn more about this important work.

Are you plastic smart?

We urgently need to rethink the way we design, produce, consume, and reuse plastics. This webinar looks at how you can join WWF on a plastic smart journey.

Reducing the impact of wildlife trafficking

WWF's Dr Jo Shaw talks about the criminal networks that traffick rhino horn and ivory and how their activities not only pose a threat to wildlife but also to socio-economic stability and human wellbeing.

Beyond boundaries

WWF chief scientist Dr Rebecca Shaw discusses the drivers behind emerging zoonoses (diseases that pass from animals to humans) and how that links to our relationship with nature. 

Securing SA’s ecological assets in the face of climate change

South Africa is home to an abundance of landscapes, plants and animals but the effects of climate change and human activity are putting these ecological assets at risk. Find out how WWF works to protect these valuable resources. 

Exploring the current vulnerabilities of the waste and recycling sector

This pandemic has exacerbated some fundamental issues in the South African waste and recycling sectors with knock-on effects for the income and livelihoods of many.

World Environment Day 'Time for Nature'

With this year's World Environment Day focusing on the theme a ‘Time for Nature’ it is vital to consider the role natural systems have to play when it comes to sustainable food production.  

Stories from South Africa's Strategic Water Source Areas

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted some of the fundamental challenges faced in South Africa around water availability and access.

A green road to recovery

South Africa has an urgent need for all round economic reform in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis. How do we fundamentally alter our economy to create greater shared value for people and a sustainable future for the planet?

Future-proofing supply chains for climate resilience

The Covid-19 crisis has painfully illustrated the vulnerability of supply chains. With the climate crisis looming, are we able to strengthen supply chain resilience and sustainability?

Inside the world of conservation wine farming

Times are tough for the local wine industry but in true South African style, WWF’s Conservation Champion wine farms have come together to find new ways of connecting with consumers. Find out how.

Solving the food crisis and how you can help

Covid-19 has made us all more aware of how many people live only a day’s wage away from starvation. How do we secure a healthy food future?

The anatomy of a rhino move

WWF’s Black Rhino Range Expansion Project team takes us behind the scenes of their fascinating work to translocate rhinos and grow the numbers of this iconic species.

Can behaviour change save the planet?

WWF's Pavitray "Pavs" Pillay is passionate about behaviour change. In this webinar, she examines why people care for the planet but seemingly not enough to act.