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Green Careers Flyer
A guide to and source of green careers guidance resource materials.


A User Guide  

Decisions about careers take place in various contexts. Learners in primary school dream about what they want to be when they grow up. High school learners grapple with school and subject choices that will enable entry into particular learning pathways that will take them into chosen careers. College and university students explore various career options that lead off from post school qualifications. And in the workplace, junior, middle and even senior level career professionals make decisions about career pathways.

To support green career guidance and decision making for a better world, a number of resources have been developed under an organising framework and can be accessed through this e-flyer. Some of these resources are new, while others have been around for some time. The scope of materials offered may be useful for both primary users (teachers, lecturers and career counsellors) and secondary users (learners and students) in various contexts (schools, colleges, universities, sector education and training authorities, environmental organisations and other employers, among others).

In the pages of this flyer you will find download links to the resources as well as other useful information. Look for the following icons to quickly find resources and suggested uses that might best suit you and your context:

School teachers School learners School career guidance
College / University
College / University
College / University
career guidance
Employers' Human Resource
Development practitioners
career guidance
Environmental educators
  The Resources  

Below is a list of the resources currently available under the organising framework of green careers. Click on any of the listed items to get more details and suggested uses as well as download links for the respective resources.

Exhibition banner


Green Careers Exhibition Banner  
This core resource provides an overall framework of green careers in ten key work contexts. Available as print files (from A3 to very large banner sizes) and as an on-screen, digital image.  


Green Career Work Contexts  
Individual resources for each of the above ten work contexts. Print files available for A3 and A4 posters.  


Green Career Cards  
(Coming soon)
Individual cards for various careers within each work context. Will be available in different print formats.


Green Career Posters  
Series of five classroom or exhibition pin-ups. Print files available for A1 and A2 posters.  


Green Career Toolkits  
(Coming soon)
Toolkits to support the planning of green career exhibitions, excursions, lectures, job shadow programmes and more.