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Theressa Frantz

Head of Environmental Programmes

Theressa Frantz joined WWF as head of the Environmental Programmes Unit on 1 September 2014. She is a seasoned fisheries biologist and manager who started her career in the then Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism in 1995. Theressa rose through the ranks in the Marine and Coastal Management branch and completed her tenure in the organisation as the Director of Offshore and High Seas Fisheries Management. In 2009 she joined SANBI as Director of Research and Monitoring where she left an indelible mark before joining WWF to expand her scope and take on a new challenge.

Theressa has successfully completed a PhD in Marine and Environmental Law. She has an MSc degree in Zoology from the University of the Western Cape and an MPhil degree in Marine and Environmental Law from the University of Cape Town.
Theressa is energised and excited by the passion her team at WWF has for the natural world and the resources it provides. She enjoys witnessing the bold and brave new ways in which WWF approaches challenges and is especially encouraged by the way in which WWF puts people at the centre. “We take partners, stakeholders, individuals and communities along with us every step of the way because we are keenly aware of the fact that conservation has to be for people and for nature. There is no other way”.

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