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WWF-SASSI retailer/supplier participation scheme report

Since the inception of the WWF-SASSI retailer/supplier scheme more than a decade ago, leading South African retailers, seafood suppliers and restaurants have been on a journey towards transforming their supply chains to enable a sustainable seafood industry and healthy oceans.

The 2019 report begins by painting a picture of the seafood supply chain in South Africa. This is presented through a stunning infographic illustrating the role players, where WWF-SASSI and the scheme participants fit in, and how seafood moves from catch to consumer.

The publication emphasises the importance of collaboration and better communication between participants in order to address key seafood sustainability challenges facing the sector and the need to move towards a seafood alliance. In addition to reporting on individual supply chain progress, the participants share some of their experiences in relation to sourcing seafood during 2019. These experiences include challenges and steps taken or measures that were implemented in response.

Download to find out how your seafood supplier, retailer or restaurant has progressed over the years.

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WWF-SASSI report 2019

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