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Tackling financing of public transport in sub-Saharan Africa

African cities planning sustainable public transport systems face many challenges. A key issue is how to finance these plans?

Experts and planners from sub-Saharan cities met at a workshop to share and learn from the experiences of other cities.This report covers their key discussions.

Topics ranged from:
  • learning how cities have funded the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems
  • moving from small minibus taxis to large public transport vehicles
  • the Dar es Salaam local context specific BRT
  • learning how other cities have funded their BRT systems
  • uniquely African solutions that don’t require massive investment
  • ways to convince political to make the right decisions
  • understanding models of incorporating current public transport operators into new systems.

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WWF/ICLEI Workshop report, 14–15 September, Kigali, Rwanda

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