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Living Planet Conference 2021
© WWF South Africa Angus Burns

We depend on nature for everything that sustains life as we know it. Yet, unsustainable human activities are damaging the natural world. While we count the ‘‘waves’’ of coronavirus infection, knowing that loss of biodiversity can drive devastating health crises like Covid-19, could biodiversity loss be the next wave?

#NatureCounts – Is biodiversity loss the next wave?

Biodiversity is the very fabric of nature – it’s what keeps our natural systems functioning and healthy. These systems are the foundation of human life: for health, jobs and economies. They provide us with fuel, food, water, and fibre. In South Africa, we are privileged to live in one of the most biodiverse countries in the world.

At the same time, we are wiping out the very diversity of nature by destroying habitats and polluting land, freshwater and marine ecosystems.

We now know that loss of biodiversity can drive devastating health crises like Covid-19. Amidst this pandemic-induced awareness of our negative impact on nature, we are counting the ‘‘waves’’ of coronavirus infection. But could biodiversity loss be the next wave?

Livestream the LPC

Join WWF for a virtual conference all about biodiversity; where we will inspire you as we celebrate, quantify and elevate the many ways in which we count on nature. Follow the proceedings by tuning into the daily live streams from Wednesday, 24 – 26 August.

What can you expect at the conference?

With international speakers from Singapore to South Africa, the LPC brings together a mix thought-provoking keynote speakers and engaging panel experts to look at the impacts of nature loss from multiple angles and explore how we can collectively drive a global goal for a positive rebound for biodiversity.

Together we can work to restore and regenerate nature. For Nature. For You. 

What will be the highlights?
  1. Former WWF Global Conservation Director, now CEO of Mandai Nature, Kavita Prakash-Mani will deliver the keynote address, to lead the conference in answering a fundamental question: How do we value nature so that we prioritise efforts to protect and restore nature? 

  2. The top leaders in South Africa’s conservation sector, including Dr Ayodele Odusola (United Nations Development Programme), Dr Morné du Plessis (WWF South Africa), and Mr Shonisani Munzhedzi (South African National Biodiversity Institute), will come together to discuss how we can increase action towards a nature-positive outcome, bringing together climate, biodiversity and sustainable development into one common vision.  

  3. WWF will announce the winners of the prestigious 2021 Living Planet Award. In 2020, we honoured arid zone ecologist Professor Timm Hoffman.