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Earth Hour
20:30 - 21:30
28th March

About Power to the People

This Earth Hour WWF is calling on you to take your power back by demanding that government stops investing in coal and other fossil fuels and shifts to renewable energy in a way that is just, and which guarantees clean and reliable energy for South Africa.

This comes on the back of an energy crisis with intermittent load-shedding since 2005 which has increased in severity in recent months and is having a direct impact on the country’s economic outlook. We say enough is enough!

We need to see the political will to embrace change and lead South Africa out of the dark and into the light. Add your voice and sign up today – for the future of our children, our country and our planet.

During the actual hour of Earth Hour, on 28 March, we ask you to symbolically show your support by shining your light in any way you choose. Hold a candle lit dinner, attend an Earth Hour event, spend some quiet time stargazing, and share your action and experiences with us on social media.

Power to the people!

Renew the future

Demand clean energy from government.

Let nature keep our lights on.