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DeMorgenzon wine farm


Established in 2003, DeMorgenzon in Stellenbosch not only boasts a beautiful garden of wildflowers amongst its vineyards, it supports an abundance of local wild animals.

The “vineyard garden”, as it is fondly known, stretches over 90 hectares of land, of which almost 10 hectares of renosterveld are conserved with the help of the Bottelary Hills Renosterveld Conservancy.

The farm invests in both water and energy efficiency approaches and ensures that nature remains unharmed in its operations. DeMorgenzon limits the use of chemical pesticides and instead utilises predatory insects to control the spread of mealybugs. They have installed solar panels to reduce the use of municipal electricity. For maximising fresh water, a network of runoff waterways throughout the vineyards helps prevent soil erosion and channels rainwater into the farm’s storage dams.

Cellar effluent is naturally decomposed onsite and goes through a number of processes to ensure it is pure when it reaches the farm’s evaporation dam. This dam then provides a natural habitat for birds, plants and aquatic life, including the indigenous tilapia. The regular presence of natural predators such as the African fish eagle indicates a healthy ecosystem and is vital to the continued existence of indigenous wildlife in the Cape winelands.  

Area conserved: 9 ha

Location: Stellenbosch

Membership date: May 2022

DeMorgenzon website

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