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Wednesday Water Files
© Eitan Prince / WWF-SA

Weekly info with "bucket list" tips to prepare for a Day Zero scenario.

Reason during the Journey of Water
Wednesday Water File #10: nature for water

Water doesn't come from a tap

21 Mar 2018
Young South African entrepreneur called Ludwick Marishane is behind an innovative home-grown dry hygiene solution called DryBath®.
Wednesday Water File #9: dry hygiene

Living the water-less life

14 Mar 2018
Currently, 18% of residents in Mexico City do not receive water every day and 32% don’t get enough water to cover their basic needs.
Wednesday Water File #8: international

We are not alone

07 Mar 2018
Water, water everywhere – but not a drop to drink: Desalination can provide an important additional source of water for Cape Town as our existing freshwater sources become more stressed.
Wednesday Water File #7: debunking desalination

Debunking desalination

28 Feb 2018
WWF staff took a tour of the nearly empty Theewaterkloof Dam in Cape Town.
Water Files now in Afrikaans and isiXhosa

Advice for Day Zero preparation and water-saving tips now in Afrikaans and isiXhosa as well

23 Feb 2018
A view of the city bowl in Cape Town
Wednesday Water File #6: business continuity

Keeping the doors of work open

21 Feb 2018
Residents in Cape Town queue at the Newlands spring to collect water.
Wednesday Water File #5: community

The power of pulling together during the water crisis

14 Feb 2018
A dry toilet, as the name suggests, operates without any water to flush away poo or pee.
Wednesday Water File #4: Toilets

What to do when you can't flush the loo

07 Feb 2018
Journey of Water 2015 hero Vuyo Mse discovers water doesn't come from a bottle - or even a tap.
Wednesday Water File #3: Drinking water

How to secure safe drinking water

31 Jan 2018
Wednesday Water File #2: Groundwater

Getting to grips with groundwater

25 Jan 2018
The dam level in Theewaterskloof is down to 15%.
Wednesday Water File #1: Day Zero

It's time to prepare for Day Zero

17 Jan 2018