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Hasher wine farm

Hasher Family Estate

Located in the heart of the Upper Hemel-en-Aarde Valley near Hermanus, the Hasher Family Estate puts conservation as one of their main priorities in their farming operations.

Hasher Family Estate has dedicated 53 hectares of their 175-hectare estate to nature conservation to protect the pristine Overberg Sandstone Fynbos, as well as important wetlands found on the land.

The estate forms a natural mountain corridor for wildlife roaming between the Fernkloof and the Babilonstoring nature reserves along the pristine Cape Fold Mountains.

To play their part in conserving the local flora and fauna, Hasher winery has fynbos rehabilitation projects in place. They have also installed game cameras to monitor the diverse wild animals moving across the farm. Some of the species spotted so far include caracals, honey badgers and bat-eared foxes.

Adhering to the WWF Conservation Champion standards means that the Hasher Family Estate will continue to improve its regenerative farming practices. They have already taken a low-impact, sustainable approach to farming as evidenced in their minimal interference in both their vineyards and cellar. A next step is to introduce a more naturally integrated approach in their vineyards to welcome more abundant local biodiversity. 

Area conserved: 53 ha

Location: Hemel-en-Aarde

Membership date: May 2022

Hasher Family Estate website 

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