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Our major partners

WWF cannot achieve its goals alone. Partnerships are absolutely essential for driving change at the scale needed.

Our partners come in many shapes and sizes...

From companies seeking sustainable ways of doing business, to governments establishing protected areas.

From local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) delivering specific on-the-ground projects, to global NGOs coordinating mass mobilisation actions.

From fishers testing more selective fishing gear, to consumers looking for greener food and products.

From international conventions driving better laws and policies, to local people managing and protecting their natural resources.

All have one thing in common – they make a very real difference.

Without them, much of our work would be infinitely more difficult, if not impossible, to carry out.

Our vital partners include:

other conservation NGOs
business & industry
local and national governments
universities & research institutes
international partners

Everyone, in fact, who has a stake in the health of our planet.

Including you.
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Conservation authorities and government need to adopt more of a partnerships-based approach with landowners to conserve/protect the country’s most valuable biodiversity
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