Associated Trusts

Since its inception, WWF South Africa has developed a range of trusts to further our conservation work. These trusts each have specific areas of focus which assist WWF with achieving our goal of stopping the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and building a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.
 / ©: Peter Chadwick
Southern Right whale mother and albino calf
© Peter Chadwick

The National Parks Trust

 / ©: Dassenberg Coastal Partnership
The Riverlands - Pella Protected Area Expansion Initiative focus on an area of exceptional biodiversity value near Cape Town. The area is prioritised on the basis of having extremely high biodiversity value, and requiring urgent action in order to prevent the loss of irreplaceable biodiversity.
© Dassenberg Coastal Partnership
The Trust was established in 1968 to enhance South Africa’s protected area network. It has spent more than R144 million in purchasing over 120 000 ha of land to enhance South Africa's protected area network. The Trust is also administered by WWF South Africa. 

WWF Nedbank Green Trust

 / ©: WWF-SA
For over 20 years, The Green Trust, a partnership between Nedbank and WWF, has brought people and nature together. This partnership is one of the longest-running partnerships between a corporate and a non-profit organisation in the history of South Africa. Over R135 million has been raised to fund more than 170 diverse conservation projects throughout the country. 

The Leslie Hill Succulent Karoo Trust

 / ©: Therese Brinkcate
The Succulent Karoo is home to over 6 000 plant species of which 40% endemic
© Therese Brinkcate
This Trust is focused on purchasing high-value biodiversity land in the Succulent Karoo and setting it aside for conservation. It was founded in 1995 by its namesake, the late Mr Leslie Hill. To date, more than R94 million has been disbursed for the purchase of 224 000 ha of conservation land. 

The Table Mountain Fund

Table Mountain / ©: Robert Miller
© Robert Miller
Launched by Sir Edmund Hillary and Sir David Attenborough and established by WWF South Africa, the Table Mountain Fund raised more than R9 million from South African donors for the conservation of Table Mountain and the Cape Peninsula. This funding was used to secure further capital for the conservation of the entire Cape Floral Kingdom. To date, over R46 million has been disbursed to conservation projects. 

The Southern African Wildlife College Trust (SAWCT)

 / ©: WWF
These rangers put their lives in danger to protect our rhinos.
SAWCT was established to ensure a permanent income stream for the education and training of conservation managers in the southern African region. To date, over R16 million has been raised and R6,8 million awarded for scholarships and bursaries.