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How we work

WWF South Africa uses the best science to effectively conserve biodiversity and wildlife, and to protect our natural environments, constantly aware that what we do impacts upon, and requires, people to inspire that change that will benefit us all and the planet we depend on. We work with government, businesses and civil society to encourage everyone to be more environmentally responsible.
WWF South Africa’s integrated strategy is underpinned by three primary goals to ensure that South Africa’s biodiversity is conserved and that our footprint remains within the Earth’s capacity to sustain life.

We aim to…
  • Secure the integrity of South Africa's ecological assets
    We are working to ensure that high-priority ecological assets (i.e. Fynbos, Succulent Karoo, Enkangala Grassland, Maputaland-Pondoland) are secured, managed and restored, thereby improving the representivity and cohesiveness of South Africa's ecological networks. We also work to promote the prioritisation of these ecological assets for protection and integration into sector development plans in key development areas such as agriculture, forestry, fisheries and mining.

  • Ensure that ecosystem services underpin social and economic well-being
    We encourage better production practices in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, which contribute to the integrity of ecological systems and reduce their impacts on the environment. Working with business, we ensure that informed, transparent and capacitated markets drive the transformation of key high-impact industry sectors. We work to enable the beneficiaries of ecological goods and services to invest in the ecosystems that provide these services.

  • Build climate resilience
    We are working to ensure South Africa adopts an ecologically sound climate-resilient, low-carbon economy strategy and that relevant role players implement actions to realise this.
Cover of the WWF South Africa Integrated Annual Report 2015

How we work with WWF International

Within its global programme framework, the WWF network aspires to collectively tackle environmental issues. WWF offices worldwide act as one WWF – with the best scientists, astute negotiators and offices from the Philippines to Mexico sharing resources and working together as one global network, we can catalyse change on a global scale.

This vision has been encapsulated into various network initiatives. These aim to accelerate and magnify large conservation wins across our priority species, places and footprint areas – and so achieve the necessary "transformational change" to achieve our twin goals of conserving biodiversity and reducing humanity's impact on nature. WWF South Africa participants in a number of these initiatives.