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This project focuses on gaining support for - and recognition of - the value in the responsible management of marine ecosystems, especially by the diverse users of marine seascapes.

Marine ecosystems provide diverse goods and services to society including fishing (recreational and commercial), mining, aquaculture, tourism, recreation, as well as having cultural, religious and archaeological significance. Yet the integrated management of these ecosystems remains largely unsupported by key user groups and currently threatens their long-term responsible management.

Generating support and buy-in for co-operative and collaborative efforts of governance and a sense of ownership among the many stakeholders, is an extremely important aspect of conservation - recognizing the need for a 'people-up' approach to really effect change.

Furthermore, a number of fundamental data gaps also exist including the lack of a national fish list, which further threatens the effective management of these systems. The FishforLife project addresses all these issues in a systematic and structured manner.

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How the Green Trust is Funded

The Trust is funded through the Nedbank Green Affinity Programme, where clients who opt for the competitively positioned Nedbank Green Affinity bank, investment account or insurance policy, can contribute to the Trust at no cost.