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The WWF Nedbank Green Trust funds projects that focus on creating a sustainable socio environmental outcomes solution where the outcome is a critical, strategic, catalytic, scalable and sustainable contribution to the prioritization, integration, securing and restoring of marine ecological assets for the benefit of South Africa.

Marine projects funded by the WWF Nedbank Green Trust focus on:

  • Establishing a network of effectively managed and ecologically representative Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in South Africa.
  • Restoring over-exploited fish stocks to sustainably managed levels and reducing the impacts of destructive fishing practices.
  • Applying an ecosystem approach to fisheries management in Southern Africa.
  • Reducing the impact of destructive fishing practices to acceptable levels.


The marine focus is exceptionally important in the case of South Africa. Its coastline stretches more than 2 500 kms in total, with the Atlantic Ocean on its West coast and the Indian Ocean on its East Coast. Approximately 11,000 marine species have been recorded in South African waters, accounting for more than 5% of all known marine species on the globe. SA’s long coast is also home to poor rural communities that depend entirely on the sea for their survival. 

Given that fish stocks are diminishing globally, it is imperative to protect South Africa’s marine resources and environments for the present generation and the generations to come.

The WWF Nedbank Green Trust funds the following marine-focused projects:

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How the Green Trust is Funded

The Trust is funded through the Nedbank Green Affinity Programme, where clients who opt for the competitively positioned Nedbank Green Affinity bank, investment account or insurance policy, can contribute to the Trust at no cost.