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Sustaining And Improving Rural Livelihoods And Market Access Of Small Holder Growers

Project Khula Phase Two aims to build on the success of the initial smallholder farmer pilot project which was launched between 2011 and 2012, known as Project Khula, initially funded by WWF-US and The Coca Cola Company (TCCC).

Project Khula Phase Two aims to expand the scope, scale and reach of this pilot to work with approximately 2,000 smallholder growers in the Midlands North region.

The project is aimed at conserving freshwater resources, and improving the environmental, social, and economic outcomes of disadvantaged sugarcane growers in the KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa.

Through this programme the Trust seeks to implement better management practices that will lead to:

  • Increased farmer income
  • Sustaining rural livelihoods
  • Improved agrochemical input use
  • Efficiency and reduced environmental impact
  • Improved freshwater resources for community use
  • Implementation of land and catchment stewardship programs focused on land use planning, alien clearing and bio-control and wetland restoration.

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How the Green Trust is Funded

The Trust is funded through the Nedbank Green Affinity Programme, where clients who opt for the competitively positioned Nedbank Green Affinity bank, investment account or insurance policy, can contribute to the Trust at no cost.