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The Stellenbosch Water Collaborative (SWC)

Pollution and degradation of the Eerste River threatens downstream communities, agri-business, jobs and riparian ecosystems within the threatened lowland fynbos.

Therefore, the multi stakeholder Stellenbosch Water Collaborative (SWC) was launched to restore health to the Eerste River catchment.

The intention is to define and resource innovative projects, which will include local communities in restoring the ecological functioning, resilience and promote water stewardship of the catchment and the river. The SWC is structured into a community lab, with an action-oriented steering committee and implementation agents. This space is innovative and prototype governance as collaborative process (and not function) to effectively deal with different power structures and ethical dimensions of the rivers system.

The governance process is based on collective learning, strategic development and action across sectors, private-public and civil society. This can be an example for other river basin governance issues in South Africa. 

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The Trust is funded through the Nedbank Green Affinity Programme, where clients who opt for the competitively positioned Nedbank Green Affinity bank, investment account or insurance policy, can contribute to the Trust at no cost.