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Low Carbon Frameworks: Transport

This project aims to work within the framework of a carbon budget, develop evidence-based decision tools and solution options, and accelerate emission reductions within the South African transport sector, both freight and passenger.

Following a previous project on a Low Carbon Action Plan for South Africa, we are deepening the work by researching, modelling and catalysing Low Carbon Frameworks in a sector.
The transport sector was selected because it is a large greenhouse gas emitting sector and the fastest growing in the country.

The outputs of the project will feed into participants’ and WWF’s involvement in the rollout of the National Climate Change Response White Paper, which has identified transport as a flagship arena for climate change mitigation, and which requires sectorial emission reduction targets and mitigation plans within two years.

This project aims to be a “straw dog” for such targets and plans. It is strengthened by and contributes to WWF’s Global Climate and Energy Initiative’s Low Carbon Frameworks work. We are not aware of any other non-profit organisations doing work on the transition to a low-carbon transport sector in South Africa. 

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