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Climate Change

The WWF Nedbank Green Trust funds a number of projects that focus on minimising the causes as well as the effects of climate in change in South Africa.
This area of work aligns with the WWF International Global Programme Framework (GPF) focusing on Footprint.

The WWF 2020 Goal here is to ensure humanity’s global footprint falls below its 2000 level and continues its downward trend, specifically in the areas of energy/carbon and of commodities (crops, meat, fish and wood).

Climate change projects funded by the WWF Nedbank Green Trust focus on:

  • Promoting renewable energy opportunities, particularly where the benefits accrue to socio-economically deprived communities.
  • Supporting adaptation to climate change amongst communities whose livelihoods are directly dependent on natural resources.


The WWF Nedbank Green Trusts funds projects that help mitigate the effects of climate change as well as those that tackle the root cause of climate change. These projects usually contain an element of public education seeing that everyone has a responsibility when it comes to reducing our human footprint on mother earth.

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How the Green Trust is Funded

The Trust is funded through the Nedbank Green Affinity Programme, where clients who opt for the competitively positioned Nedbank Green Affinity bank, investment account or insurance policy, can contribute to the Trust at no cost.