Our Successes

TMF Successes / ©: WWF / TMF

Over its first two years the Campaign has achieved numerous successes in restoring and protecting the Cape’s natural landscapes. We have purchased land and incentivized landowners in priority areas throughout the Fynbos, to enter into long-term voluntary conservation commitments, known as “Stewardship”.

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Restore the Roodeberg Video

The Table Mountain Fund is changing the face of conservation in South Africa by building a diverse, skilled and motivated force of young professionals. The placements of these young professionals, have allowed each of them a unique and incredibly valuable opportunity to nurture their talent. This short film follows the story of Thumeka Mdlazi who was part of the Table Mountain Fund Young Professionals programme.
 / ©: Pierre van der Spuy
Restore the Roodeberg
© Pierre van der Spuy
Join us as we Restore the Roodeberg, ensuring a Park for the People, forever...

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The Table Mountain Fund / ©: WWF
African Penguins
Launched by Sir Edmund Hillary and Sir David Attenborough, the Table Mountain Fund is a Capital Trust Fund that develops and funds…

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