Sustainable Business

WWF believes that business offers one of the most effective routes to finding sustainable solutions to environmental and social challenges. In response, WWF-SA has launched its Sustainable Business programme. Through this, we partner with select companies and their value chains to change the way products and services are produced, processed, used and consumed. Working together, we link businesses back to the ecological systems in which they function and depend on, and identify how commodities can be produced, companies can be run and investments can be made more efficiently and sustainably, so that ecosystems and business thrive in the future. A resilient business can only be built on a resilient ecosystem. We call this the green economy.
As a middle income country in terms of GDP per capita, South Africa is well poised to make the transition towards a green economy. However, several pressing socio-economic realities such as the high number of South Africans living in poverty; the inequitable distribution of resources and access to basic services; the high unemployment rate; and the AIDS pandemic often divert attention away from ecological issues. WWF believes that social and environmental issues are interconnected; a thriving economy that operates in harmony with nature will as a result help to address socio-economic challenges and meet the needs of the vulnerable poor.


WWF-SA’s Sustainable Business vision is a safe and sustainable future where business operates in harmony with nature.

Our goal is...

By 2050, to have a green economy where all goods and services are made sustainably.

We aim to have achieved 50% progress on this goal by 2020.
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