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The Nature of Black Rhino

Black rhino have a reputation for being bad-tempered, but are actually just shy and inquisitive. They investigate anything strange in their surroundings, and tend to move towards a noise to explore the cause. Black rhino are browsers. They can grow to 1.6m high, weigh up to 1.5 tons and run at 55km/h.

Black rhino tend to live solitary lives, except for mothers and calves who stay together for several years. Births occur about three years apart. Black rhino mothers ferociously protect their calves against threats such as lion, who sometimes prey on very young calves.

Black rhino like thornveld with a mix of species including favourites such as acacias, tambotie and euphorbias. They need to drink at least every two days, so surface water is important.
	© Pip Mortlock
A black rhino and her calf
© Pip Mortlock