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African Rhino Programme

The African Rhino Programme (ARP) coordinates WWF's investment in rhino conservation in Africa. It works closely with TRAFFIC, rhino expert groups and WWF’s various regional programmes and country offices. The ARP provides technical and leadership support to ensure overall coordination of rhino-related projects.
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The vision of the WWF African Rhino Programme is that, in 50 years’ time, viable and well-distributed populations and/or meta-populations of African rhinoceroses will occur throughout their natural historic range in Africa, acting as flagship species for biodiversity conservation and wildlife-based sustainable economic development.


By 2020, at least five key rhino populations and /or meta-populations are increasing by at least 5% per annum and at least two new populations would have been established.

This goal is designed to take advantage of current opportunities and minimise the impact of identified threats.
	© Michel Gunther / WWF
Close-up of a black rhino's eye
© Michel Gunther / WWF

Key priority areas

The African Rhino Programme, in line with the WWF Global Species Programme, has identified six key areas for priority strategic actions that would promote and support conservation efforts of the African rhinoceros:
  1. To further relevant policy and legislation in all sectors and at all levels.
  2. To ensure the necessary extent, integrity and functioning of critical habitat.
  3. To ensure adequate protection and biological management of populations.
  4. To generate mutually beneficial incentives for the co-existence of people and species.
  5. To create awareness and influence adverse attitudes and behaviour.
  6. To promote regional and national leadership capacity to coordinate and implement rhino conservation strategies.
The strategic actions seek to address rhino conservation in-situ providing active support for the maintenance of viable populations in rhino range states. The plan also considers holistic integration of socio-political, economic enterprise development, cultural and traditional practices while bearing in mind global political and trade dynamics.

The ARP liaises closely with strategic partners like the WWF-South Africa Rhino Programme, IUCN/SSC-African Rhino Specialist Group (AfRSG), IUCN/WWF trade monitoring network (TRAFFIC) and other conservation partners to ensure money is put where it will be most effective. Strategically, raising the profile of rhinos globally and creating awareness for greater corporate and civil society responsibility towards rhino conservation presents increased funding streams and opportunities. 
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