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SA cities take up the challenge

Posted on 25 September 2013
Earth Hour Cities Challenge
As the closing date for entries for WWF’s Earth Hour City Challenge draws nearer, six South African cities are preparing their participation in this global competition.

The City of Cape Town, the City of Johannesburg, the City of Tshwane, Buffalo City Municipality, eThekwini municipality and Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality are in the process of registering their entries on the carbon Cities Climate Registry (cCCR), an internationally recognised carbon reporting platform managed by ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability.

”WWF South Africa is thrilled that all of the South African cities and municipalities currently eligible to take up the challenge, by virtue of their existing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and establish low carbon development strategies, have chosen to do so. The enthusiasm of the participating cities demonstrates the determined commitment of some of our cities to preserve our finite resources and contribute to global planetary wellbeing,” says WWF-SA CEO, Morné du Plessis.

ICLEI Africa is currently supporting all the cities to register their details on the cCCR, including their emissions inventories, commitments and actions they have taken or are seeking funding for. Diverse actions include solar water heater installations, street lighting retrofits, awareness campaigns and energy efficiency business forums. The cCCR is open to all municipalities in South Africa to report their actions and to attract funding; regardless of whether they are taking part in the Challenge.

In addition to the cities, a number of important partners have endorsed the Challenge and what it seeks to achieve. The South African Cities Network, NGO Sustainable Energy Africa, and the Western Cape and Mpumalanga Provinces, have all registered their support. All of these partners have support on offer to cities to take on the climate change challenge.

Five of the six participating cities will be showcased at the Local Climate Solutions for Africa (LOCS) Congress, organised by ICLEI Africa, in Dar es Salaam from 30 October to 1 November. As a Pan-African platform for city-to-city and business, NGO, research and national government exchange and learning, it is an ideal place to celebrate the great work of South African cities and to challenge other cities to do the same.

”Transitioning to a low carbon future is the best way for municipalities to fulfil their responsibility to meeting human needs in a carbon constrained world. As such, every disclosure of carbon emissions is an achievement, every project is a ray of hope, every reduction is a celebration and every entry to the challenge is a bold step towards a better present and brighter future,” comments du Plessis.  
Earth Hour Cities Challenge
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