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Earth Hour sweeps across the globe

Posted on 28 March 2015
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Proving that no individual action on climate change is too small and that no collective vision is too big, WWF's Earth Hour kicked-off today with the first lights out event in the Pacific island of Samoa. 

The ninth edition of Earth Hour will cross continents marked by activities at 8:30 pm local time. In total, events will be held in over 170 countries and 24 timezones to unify the world around a single challenge: climate change.

Earth Hour moves the discussion on climate from the conference room to the dining room, from the corridors of power to the grassroots.

Even before the hour, Earth Hour organisers were working with citizens, policymakers and businesses to drive progress on issues like access to renewable energy, strengthening climate education and restoring critical forests.

Since 2007, Earth Hour has mobilised hundreds of millions around the world to act for a sustainable future.

To see events happening near you, log on to:

You can join the Earth Hour movement at
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