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Down2Earth Issue 02

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04 August 2017

We’re all different. Some people go with the flow. Others prefer to take destiny into their own hands. However you roll, we’re all connected by this planet we call home and the obstacles thrown at us. This is, honestly, all the time.

That’s why we’ve dedicated the second issue of Down2Earth to CHANGE.

The world around us is fluid and changeable (fashion, business fortunes and trends). We’re always in a state of flux (at least, I know I am!). So how can we stay on top of it all and come out at the other end as the best version of humanity?

In this issue, we invite you to explore ways to wear change on your sleeve (or rather on the seat of your jeans), turn change into financial freedom, and go with the flow in a time of drought. You’ll also get a rare glimpse of Tebogo Thekisho – the real man behind the hip hop artist, radio DJ and on-screen personality, ProVerb. We’ve been inspired by the personal journey he’s shared with us in this issue’s interview.

Don’t forget to send us your thoughts and ideas on our new magazine and most importantly, what you’d like to read  next! Your feedback is important to us. It’s what inspires us to change ;-)