Ecosystems Approach

What is an EAF?

An Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries management (EAF) seeks to protect and enhance the marine ecosystem health as whole, on which life and human benefits depend.
This approach depends on balancing the diverse needs and values of both present and future generations.

The need for an ecosystem view in the management of fisheries is nothing new. Those intimately connected with fish and fishing have always understood the importance of the wider ecosystem to the health and dynamics of fish stocks. The reawakening of the need to manage fisheries within the context of their ecosystem has been taking place for more than a decade. An Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries management is now globally accepted as the preferred manner of managing fisheries.

Southern Africa has a proud history of research and understanding of our marine ecosystems. More recently, the governments of South Africa and Namibia have firmly committed themselves to the implementation of an Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries management by 2010 through the World Summit on Sustainable Development.
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The social wellbeing of dependent fishing communities is accounted for in management advice
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