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Food Systems

At the heart of food security is a complex web of social, political, economic and environmental issues. This is the food system, incorporating the growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, transporting, marketing, consumption, and disposal of food – all the processes and infrastructure necessary to feed a population.
The food system and specifically its dependence on ecosystem resilience and effective resource management is a significant area of work for Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) and it is in this capacity that WWF has participated in the Southern Africa Food Lab (SAFL), a civil society initiative, currently housed under the umbrella of the Food Security Initiative at Stellenbosch University. SAFL brings together diverse stakeholders with influence in the regional food system in order to identify and pilot innovative means of acting within agro-food value chains to enhance long-term food security.
WWF’s Food Energy Water Nexus work has demonstrated the need to inspire new forms of dialogue underpinned by rigorous science and accurate data if we hope to ensure the resilience of the environmental and social systems needed for sustainable development. To this end we are collaborating with SAFL and Reos to host a Transformative Scenario Process (TSP). Through the development of a series of plausible scenarios for the future of South Africa’s food system we aim to be part of the solution, helping to catalyse the relationships, insights, behaviour change and actions which are urgently required to secure a sustainable food system in South Africa.