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Vuyiseka Majali

Posted on 01 October 2013
Vuyiseka Majali
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Climate Change: Alternative Information and Development Centre

“An internship is a space to learn and explore various possible interests and sometimes put you outside your comfort zone. The most rewarding, exciting hour is when you realise what you are capable of.”

Vuyiseka is the last born of six siblings and grew up in Fort Beaufort, an historic town in the Eastern Cape. Curious about the human mind, Vuyiseka is constantly amazed by how people and nature integrate and link differently in various societies, and it excites her and keeps her wanting to know and explore more. In her spare time she enjoys listening to jazz and gospel music and is excited to travel further to learn more about places of natural beauty around the world. When she is at home she spends time with her family and enjoys shopping.

Because of her interest in people, Vuyiseka chose to study Industrial Psychology and Social Anthropology at the University of Fort Hare. She continued after her undergraduate studies to achieve her Honours and Masters degrees in Social Anthropology. Her Masters research was an investigation of the socio-cultural factors affecting the participation of women in agricultural development.

Vuyiseka is based at the Alternative Information Development Centre (AIDC). She is involved in research, website content management, social media and general project management support to the One Million Climate Jobs campaign (OMCJ). The OMCJ campaign has been initiated to increase awareness and knowledge of climate change, to strengthen socio-political dialogue, to advance struggles for climate jobs and livelihoods and to develop a strong network of activists within civil society.

Vuyiseka is interested in the mainstreaming of biodiversity, and would like to become involved in research that connects both the environment and social science fields, while simultaneously working as a community-based conservation practitioner over the course of her career.