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Organisational Development

The Environmental Leaders Programme is underpinned by a systems approach to training and development. One programme of work is focused on organisational strengthening that better enables training and development. This in turn leads to even stronger organisations and ultimately stronger sectors responding to our environmental challenges.
The Environmental Sector Skills Plan suggests that the environmental sector could benefit significantly from improved human resource planning and skills development. In support of this critical need, WWF-SA works with organisations towards systematically strengthening human resource planning and skills development processes.

WWF-SA, supported by the Department of Environment Affairs and the Lewis Foundation convenes the Organisation and Human Resource Development Network for the Environment and Conservation. Through a series of 8 workshops since May 2010, human resource management and development practitioners, joined by conservation staff, participated in workshops to explore key challenges in skill planning and development.

Deliberations and actions during these workshops included a focus on:

  • Career pathing

  • Working with SETAs

  • Workplace Skills Planning

  • The Occupational Learning System

  • Performance Management

  • Recognition of Prior Learning

  • Quality and Relevant Training

  • Engaging Diversity and Inclusivity in the South African Workplace

‘The ESSP research shows that there is also a potential link between instability in Human Resources support services, management and leadership, and effective recruitment and filling of vacancies in other areas – indicating the systemic impact of this issue on capacity.’

p. 17 Environmental Sector Skills Plan for South Africa