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Mntambo Nakwa

Posted on 01 June 2013
Mntambo Nakwa
Fynbos Conservation: Flower Valley Conservation Trust 

“I am driven by a passion for science as well as the need to study, understand and protect the natural environment.”

Mntambo was born in Bizana in the Eastern Cape. One of five siblings, he grew up in a loving, supportive family. At school he found physics, mathematics and biology to be exciting subjects and this, in addition to his rural upbringing, inspired him to study biological sciences at university. In his leisure time Mntambo enjoys reading, playing football and watching rugby. He is passionate about new life challenges and experiences, and research.

Mntambo has an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences and an Honours degree in Botany from Walter Sisulu University. His Honours research was concerned with the use of medicinal plants in the treatment of livestock diseases.

In his current position within the Flower Valley Conservation Trust, Mntambo works with conservancies, liaises with landowners around clearing their properties of alien vegetation, and does field verification to monitor progress and production. He is also partly responsible for managing the online database for the Sustainable Harvesting Programme, which captures what, where and how much fynbos is harvested on the Agulhas Plain. Mntambo is excited to be learning a great deal about fynbos in his current position, adding to what he learned at university.

Mntambo looks forward to registering for a Master’s degree in the near future. He is particularly interested in conducting research into alien invasive plants, as well as medicinal plants, and sees these as potential avenues of career specialisation.