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Londeka Zondi

Posted on 01 June 2013
Londeka Zondi
Fynbos Conservation: Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative

“I would love to research and work with the effects of decreasing biodiversity on our planet. I feel it is a crucial issue that is not addressed enough."

Londeka was born in Pietermaritzburg as the older sister to twin brothers. She grew up in a rural village where life was dependent upon natural resources, and she saw how these resources were degraded. She became interested in tourism and geography subjects at school, and began to think about developing a career that involved people and the environment. In her leisure time Londeka enjoys listening to jazz, gospel and maskandi music, and reading books.

Londeka attained a National Diploma in Ecotourism Management and is currently completing her B.Tech in Nature Conservation from the Durban University of Technology. Her studies have impressed upon her the importance of responsible and sustainable travel to natural areas, conserving biodiversity and involving local communities in biodiversity conservation projects.

Through the Groen Sebenza internship programme, Londeka has been placed at the Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative, a landscape initiative that serves as the conservation coordination hub of the Overberg region of South Africa. She has enjoyed developing skills in operating an office, computer equipment, handling a variety of situations simultaneously and organising and analysing data. She also feels that her teamwork, writing and speaking abilities are being strengthened in her current position.

Londeka is interested in exploring different aspects of the environment through her career. One of the goals very close to her heart is to involve communities in the activities and benefits of environmental conservation. She enjoys being outdoors and would like to do field research in whatever position she occupies.