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Chloe Karstadt

Posted on 28 August 2017
Chloe Karstadt is interning as a Sustainability Manager at national major retailer, SPAR.
© Natasha Prince/WWF-SA
In discovering first-hand the value of a precious resource such as water, WWF-SA intern Chloe Karstadt has uncovered her calling.

For the next few months the 23-year-old is interning as a Sustainability Manager at national major retailer, SPAR.

With qualifications in Environmental Science, Economics and Psychology and Honours in Environmental Water Management, Chloe seeks to bring about meaningful, sustainable change for the benefit of future generations.

We had to find out what drives her ambitions.

What was your calling to this career?
While living in Grahamstown, the town experienced a severe water crisis, with limited to no water supply to residents.  After living without water for a week, I quickly realised the value of the resource and its necessity for so many vital functions.
I realised that a future without water, is no future at all.
I felt that I needed to be a part of the people that created change and ensured that the future was full of opportunities.
What do you aim to get out of your internship?
To learn how to engage appropriately with a variety of people and personalities and thereby learn what is the best means of getting the message of sustainability across to everyone. To continuously push myself outside of my comfort zone, to take every opportunity in order to help grow and learn.
What issue do you want to be a part of resolving?
The scarcity of water is a global problem but is most prominent locally. I would like to be a part of the solution to the water crisis and to ensure that the issue of water quality within our country is addressed.
If you could change one thing in this world, what would it be? 
Ban the creation of plastic.
Who inspires you most?
Sue Barnes, the founder of Subz Pads and Project Dignity. She created a reusable sanitary pad designed to keep girls in school.
She employed local women to sew the pads and this empowered woman and the local community by providing them with a source of income. Sue also realized once handing out the pads to local schools in KZN that many girls were unaware of their sexual health and began a programme to educate the girls on their wellbeing. The programme and the reusable sanitary pads restored dignity to the girls and ensured that they remained in school.
I admire her because she is an ordinary citizen that saw there was a problem in society and did something about it.

What role does your generation play in creating a better world?
Create a more sustainable future for all. I think our generation will be responsible for the reduction in waste. I hope to be part of a plastic free future, as a result of my generation’s decisions and actions.
What makes our country’s future so bright?
My generation is the future and I am constantly inspired by the number of everyday people who are driven to protect our environment and ensure there will be a future for our children.
Chloe Karstadt is interning as a Sustainability Manager at national major retailer, SPAR.
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