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Nausheena Parker

Posted on 01 October 2013
Nausheena Parker
Marine Conservation: WWF-SA 

“What this internship has taught me so far is that the recreational fishing sector is a lot bigger than I originally thought! The most enjoyable aspect of the internship has been working as part of a very supportive team.”

As a child, Nausheena spent much time outdoors. She could spend hours examining plants and creatures, wondering how they ‘worked’. At school she developed a passion for biology, which lead to her desire to study something science-related. In her leisure time Nausheena enjoys experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, and tries to find ways to win the affection of her cat, Nala.

Nausheena was initially accepted to study biotechnology, but soon realised that her passion was to spend time in the field, rather than behind a microscope. She switched her courses to be more zoology and conservation-focused, and attained Bachelor and Honours degrees in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology at the University of the Western Cape. She is currently completing her Masters degree in Marine Biology. Nausheena’s research is focused on the abundance and distribution of jellyfish along the West Coast of South Africa. She is excited about contributing to the environmental sector through hands-on conservation research that has tangible environmental benefits.

Nausheena’s position in the Marine Programme at WWF provides her with exposure to a diversity of projects related to South African fisheries. She is currently involved in a citizen science awareness initiative that aims to influence recreational fishers to contribute to marine research and to be more environmentally conscious in their fishing practices. She will also conduct research into the Marine Protected Areas Forum and resource management within small-scale fisheries over the course of her internship.

Nausheena always envisioned her ideal career to be one where she could use her knowledge and skills to support projects that equally protect our biodiversity and promote change among the general public. She hopes that her career will reflect a balance between research and the application of that research to drive conservation and awareness. She believes that the average person needs to understand why the environment is so important and the little things that a person can do to make a difference to the environment.
Nausheena Parker
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