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Natasha Rambaran

Posted on 01 October 2013
Natasha Rambaran
Climate Change: The Green House 

“The opportunity to be part of South Africa’s green economy has been the highlight of my internship. I am being exposed to the type of work that I have always wanted to be involved in.”

While growing up, Natasha was always deeply in awe of how biological entities functioned, and this led her to study biology at university. In her spare time she enjoys taking photographs, reading popular science non-fiction, watching thought-provoking documentaries, and gardening. She takes great pleasure in spending quality time with her friends and family, as well as her dog Bellatrix.

Natasha is excited about the potential for science to make a contribution to society. She believes that through science and research, we have the potential to improve the quality of human life significantly and promote social equality. This conviction motivated her to pursue undergraduate and Honours degrees in Biology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. During the course of her undergraduate degree, she developed a keen interest in the plant sciences and this led her to specialise in plant ecophysiology during her Honours year. Natasha has a Master’s degree in Biology. Her Master’s research, a collaboration between UKZN and the CSIR, enabled her to gain both field (commercial nursery) and lab (tissue culture) experience.

Natasha is based at The Green House (TGH), a sustainability consultancy in Cape Town. Her work is focused on climate change mitigation strategies in the transport sector. The project involves modeling and exploring the implications of strategies for carbon emission reductions in the freight and passenger transport sector in South Africa. Natasha believes that education and awareness are key factors to social upliftment through sustainable living, improving quality of life with minimal cost to the natural environment. Working for a consultancy means that Natasha is also exposed to a diverse array of other interesting projects.

Over the course of her career Natasha hopes to be involved in projects that promote sustainability, create environmental awareness and ultimately benefit society. She wants to be involved in outcomes-based research ventures that deal with real issues facing everyday South Africans.

Natasha Rambaran
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