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Five Career Fields For The Environment

Career cards: Want to learn more about a specific career? Download and print a career card reflecting the scope and diversity of careers and providing more depth information about specific careers and learning pathways.

Conservation Outreach

These practitioners work with people in an attempt to bridge the gap between society and the environment. They do this by communicating environmental issues using non-scientific terms, making it relatable to people. They are often also involved in environmental education, community conservation, and training and development for conservation.

 » Agricultural extension officer

 » Environmental journalist

 » Human capacity development specialist

 » Marketing and communications specialist

 » Social scientist

Conservation Planning

Using conservation planning tools such as maps and statistical programmes, practitioners in this category develop management strategies to maintain and improve environmental quality and improve the use of resources. They are often involved in implementation and monitoring of environmental strategies, policies and programmes that promote sustainable development.

 » Conservation planner

 » Environmental engineer

 » Environmental manager

 » Geographic information system (GIS) specialist

 » Statistical ecologist

Conservation Policy

focuses on public decision making processes by providing accurate and actionable research and information to address complex political, social and ecological problems. These practitioners also focus on litigation, using legal skills and training to develop policies that prevent environmental damage and enforce environmental compliance.

 » Environmental assessment practitioner

 » Environmental lawyer

 » Policy maker and analyst

Conservation Management

Practitioners are involved in planning, organising and implementation of management strategies and policy to secure ecological biodiversity. They work with biological, spatial and economic data to predict and inform strategies.


 » Biodiversity information management technician

 » Biodiversity monitor

 » Park manager

 » Resource economist

 » Wildlife veterinarian

Conservation Research

Researchers use scientific methodologies to gain comprehensive understanding of the natural environment. They often specialise in the study of plants, animals, micro-organisms or the interactions between different ecosystems. A fair amount of work takes place in the field, although they also work in laboratories, libraries and herbaria.


 » Curator

 » Ecologist

 » Geneticist

 » Natural science researcher

 » Taxonomist

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 » Planning your Green Careers Guest Lecture
 » Presenting your Green Careers Guest Lecture
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