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What we do

We save the planet. But the planet is a pretty big place...
Our network of over 100 local offices around the world, including our team here in South Africa, enables us to work locally on conservation challenges that need global cooperation and local expertise.

We use the best science to effectively conserve biodiversity and wildlife, and to protect our natural environments, constantly aware that what we do impacts upon, and requires, people to inspire that change that will benefit us all and the planet we depend on.

WWF works with government, businesses and civil society to encourage everyone to be more and environmentally responsible.

We do all of this by tackling three really big challenges:

Securing the integrity of South Africa’s ecological assets

We are working to ensure that high-priority ecological assets (i.e. Fynbos, Succulent Karoo, Enkangala Grasslands, Maputaland-Pondoland) are secured, managed and restored, thereby improving the representivity and cohesiveness of South Africa’s ecological networks. We also work to promote the prioritisation of these ecological assets for protection and integration into sector development plans in key development areas such as agriculture, forestry, fisheries and mining.

Ensuring that ecosystem services underpin social and economic well-being

We encourage better production practices in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, which contribute to the integrity of ecological systems and reduce their impacts on the environment. Working with business, we ensure that informed, transparent and capacitated markets drive the transformation of key high-impact industry sectors. We work to enable the beneficiaries of ecological goods and services to invest in the ecosystems that provide these services.

Building climate resilience

We are working to ensure that South Africa adopts an ecologically sound climate-resilient, low-carbon economy strategy and that relevant role players implement actions to realise this.

All our work involves people...

Whether it’s protecting nature, inspiring people to sustainable action through initiatives such as Earth Hour, or working with communities on conservation projects that work everyday to protect natural resources, WWF understands that that the relationship between people and nature is vital to environmental work.

Ultimately WWF South Africa knows that, by working with people, together we will change behaviour and leave a living planet.
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The grasslands region is the largest of South Africa's biomes.
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WWF uses the best science to effectively conserve biodiversity and wildlife, and to protect our natural envrionments. 

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WWF has embarked on a body of work to better understand the complex relationship between food, energy and water in South Africa.
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In KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga, WWF works with communities on conservation projects that benefit the environment and people living in the area.
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