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WWF-SA Annual Review 2012

Posted on 01 November 2012
The cover of the 2012 WWF-SA Annual Review
Every year WWF South Africa publishes its Annual Review, a report detailing its conservation successes, financial status as well as corporate and trustee membership for the last financial year. The 2012 edition includes a series of articles written by WWF-SA's thought leaders on a number thematic issues that intersect with our work. These include pieces on resilient landscapes, water security, sustainable agriculture, rhino conservation, the food-water-energy nexus, market transformation and environmental leadership.

In his article on resilient landscapes, WWF-SA's Head of Biodiversity, Dr Deon Nel, writes:

"Our work is no longer confined to only saving endangered species; it is now strongly defined by implementing a holistic approach which encompasses creating and maintaining resilient ecosystems that will ensure the sustainable economic development and social well-being of South Africa and all its citizens."  
The cover of the 2012 WWF-SA Annual Review
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