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WWF-SA Annual Review 2011

Posted on 01 November 2011
WWF South Africa Annual Review 2011
Every year WWF South Africa publishes its Annual Review, a report detailing its conservation successes, financial status as well as corporate and trustee membership for the last financial year.

This is the 2011 Annual Review.

An excerpt from the CEO Morné du Plessis's foreword:

"In December 2010, WWF South Africa packed up its offices in Stellenbosch and relocated its head office to Newlands in Cape Town. This closed the door on a 43-year long association with the picturesque town of Stellenbosch. Now that the dust from the move has settled and people have occupied their posts in their new location, the benefits of our move are abundantly clear. Not only are we able to draw on a far bigger pool of human talent, but our convenient location has meant that the offices of WWF have become a hub of activity as colleagues, partners and supporters visit us each and every day."  
WWF South Africa Annual Review 2011
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