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Carbon Tax Design Options - A Discussion Document

Posted on 06 March 2012
Carbon Tax Design Options - A Discussion Document
South Africa has indicated its intent to implement a carbon price in the form of a carbon tax as a long-standing element of the national policy direction (see National Treasury (NT), 2006; Environmental Fiscal ANC Polokwane Resolution, 2007; Cabinet Vision, 2008; Climate Change Response White Paper, 2011; and the National Planning Commission (NPC), 2011).

In December 2010, the National Treasury tabled a discussion document for public comment on the carbon tax option for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, indicating that a similar document on emissions trading would be forthcoming. The tax discussion document elicited an overwhelming number of responses (79 in total), indicating how seriously stakeholders are taking the issue of carbon pricing. A policy document containing more details on the tax design is anticipated early in 2012.

The carbon pricing section in the White Paper on Climate Change Response (2011), released after Treasury’s carbon tax discussion document, is largely aligned with the Treasury document, and in some aspects could be interpreted as revealing government’s further thinking on the issue.