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WWF Corporate Review April 2016

Posted on 15 April 2016
WWF Corporate Review April 2016
Just as easily as taking ones next breath without giving it a second thought that the very air you breathe is provided, reverted, and replenished by nature, so too do the current models of business to often thwart our understanding of just how connected business is to the environment.

We provide in this Corporate Review, examples of an ever growing understanding from business of the dependencies it has on natural capital, the risks and opportunities associated with this relationship and their real value that still remains when working with nature. There is no doubt that the rules of the game are changing and those businesses that fail to adapt in a world of increasingly scarce resources will first stand to lose competitiveness as these resources’ value is realised through tighter regulation, consumer choice and limited supply. For businesses to be viable in the long term the ecosystems and resources they depend on must be secured and maintained.

By working with business, WWF looks to change behaviour and drive conservation results that would be impossible otherwise. Partnerships are both key to your business success and in achieving a vision of stopping the degradation of our planet’s resources, building a future in which people live in harmony with nature.
Read the latest Corporate Review to see how WWF has partnered with business to date and to see how your organisation can get involved with our work.
WWF Corporate Review April 2016
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