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WWF-SA Sustainable Fisheries Programme annual reports

Posted on 15 January 2016
WWF-SA Sustainable Fisheries Programme
© Claudio Velasquez Rojas
The Sustainable Fisheries Programme is a keystone initiative of WWF-SA’s Marine Programme. Placed at the interface between civil society, the private sector and government, the programme has the unique ability to work across the seafood supply chain to address the challenges facing our marine ecosystems in an integrated manner.

This programme contributes towards WWF-SA’s strategic objectives:
1. Securing the integrity of South Africa's ecological assets
2. Ensuring ecological systems and their services underpin social and economic well-being.

It aims to meet these objectives through its two sister programmes, namely the Seafood Market Transformation Programme and the Consumer Awareness Programme known as WWF’s Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (WWF-SASSI).

WWF-SA’s Sustainable Fisheries Programme has built up a strong track record of success over the last decade. It is the recognition of the work that lies ahead to address the various challenges, coupled with the inspiration from successes highlighted in the annual SFP reports that continue to fuel the WWF-SA Sustainable Fisheries Programme’s ambition to transform the seafood sector to ensure that it delivers benefits to us all without jeopardising the environment.