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WWF Panda Bulletin August 2015

Posted on 05 August 2015
Cover of the August 2015 Panda Bulletin
This bumper edition of the Panda Bulletin covers a wide range of WWF projects from the first half of 2015. It has been a particularly productive one for WWF, as we have run successful campaigns for Earth Hour, the Journey of Water and our sustainable seafood initiative, SASSI. During this time we also strengthened our presence among the small-scale fishing community in Kleinmond, in the Kogelberg Marine Protected Area. This is the pilot site of a still burgeoning area of work in our marine conservation efforts.

What connects these initiatives is that they are underpinned by one or more of the following human essentials: food, energy and water – three necessities which are intrinsically connected and required for all people to survive and thrive on our beautiful planet. As the changing climate and other environmental pressures come to bear on these resources, however, we recognise the need to work across sectors to find solutions to these challenges. This is why we have included insights into our food, energy and water security from some of the leading thinkers at WWF South Africa, while also offering direction on the strategic action needed to place our country firmly on a path to sustainability.

As an avid supporter of WWF, you know the principles of sustainability are critical to us. We have chosen to walk the talk by repurposing a modest property in the Johannesburg CBD and turning it into a green building. We’re proud of this new space – not just because it confirms our investment in our country and growing democracy (which is 21 years old this year) but also because we understand that there are individuals and organisations looking to us to lead by example. We hope that you are as inspired as we are by these new developments.
Cover of the August 2015 Panda Bulletin
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